The use of catheters in surgical interventions may be indicated for the purpose to restore functions and / or improve the quality of life of patients.

With relative frequency the presence of the catheter in the body, as it is a foreign body, favors the development of infectious processes.

Against this possible adverse effect different techniques of antimicrobial products adhesion to the catheter surface have been tested.

EPSA is testing the incorporation into its umbilical catheter of the Foster Corporation Combat ™ antimicrobial compound that includes the Agion ™ antimicrobial technology developed by Sciessent, this technology offers the power of copper and silver in a zeolite carrier that can be integrated into a wide variety of medical devices.

The novelty of this product is the incorporation of the ions in the structure itself of the catheter during the production process and not in a subsequent coating process that is deposited only on the surface of the same.

Achieving a catheter that incorporates these ions throughout its structure allows the permanence of the antimicrobial agent during the stay of the article in the organism, which helps reduce the risk of infectious processes.